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Have you been to Costa Rica before? We would LOVE to share your experiences, stories, and photos with other travellers, readers, and bloggers!

The Costa Rica Blog Network is an offshoot of our Costa Rica Travel Blog. Although we (the Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated team) post our own original content on the Costa Rica Travel Blog, we often have travellers/bloggers ask us if we accept guest posts. These requests have inspired us to create the Costa Rica Blog Network: an online community where bloggers, travellers, and travel writers share their love of ‘pura vida’.


As a thank you for submitting your post to our network, we offer:

  • A published blog post on the Costa Rica Blog Network website
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  • Two links back to your blog – one to the actual post/article that we have featured on the Costa Rica Blog Network, and another to your blog’s homepage
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Submitting a guest post for publishing on the Costa Rica Blog Network is easy. Simply send us an email using the contact form below. Be sure to include a link to the blog post you would like to submit. We welcome a variety of guest blog post submissions, provided the content is related to Costa Rica travel and the text and any photos included with the post are your own.


Should you wish to have your post featured on the Costa Rica Blog Network, your post’s text and photos will be copied. Of course, we give complete credit for each post to the original writer (the author’s name is featured at the top of the post), and for any photos used, we include a note with the guest post to confirm that any/all photos are the original writer’s property (not the property of the Costa Rica Blog Network).


Need inspiration? Past Featured Authors have contributed to the Costa Rica Blog Network by writing about the following:

  • Destinations visited in Costa Rica
  • Off-the-beaten path trips or secret hotspots in Costa Rica
  • Tours, activities, and/or attractions experienced in Costa Rica
  • Unique Costa Rica travel experiences
  • Funny Costa Rica travel stores
  • Important Costa Rica travel warnings
  • Recommendations for future Costa Rica travellers
  • “What To Know” facts or tips about Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica trip “bucket list” ideas
  • How travel throughout Costa Rica compares (or doesn’t compare) to travel elsewhere

We welcome your creativity and ideas; we cannot wait to read what you have to say!

Pura vida!