A week on the beach – grooving with the good life.

costa rica expertA note from the Publisher: The Costa Rica Blog Network has chosen to feature the following article for its light and airy approach to life in Uvita described as “Everyone finds a way to work here and get by — some more successfully than others. But everyone seems to live the same way — happily.” Thanks to Robin for submitting her personal account to us. We hope you made your “indefinitely” a reality. Pura vida!

Featured Author: Robin Stremlow (visit the Honest Green Jeans Blog)

If you’ve never done morning yoga on the beach, nearly each morning, just after waking, I suggest you do it. And then, after a good yoga session to get the blood flowing, go for a swim in the ocean. Clean your suit and your soul, and then waltz back to breakfast of fruit and agua dulce (hot water, splash of milk, sugar = yum). Relish in this beauty, and then start your day.

Life is amazing!

This life is possible, and being lived by so many people in this beautiful little Costa Rican city (Uvita). There are plenty of Gringos living alongside Ticos, and everyone seems to be living the good life. Flowing with the sun and moon, we’re living with the heat by staying out of the sun mid-day, by taking naps if we need to, by going to bed early and waking up early… and by simply taking it easy.

Everyone finds a way to work here and get by — some more successfully than others. But everyone seems to live the same way — happily.

Once I’m done with farm life I just might come back to stay for a while. As in, indefinitely.


Some shots from Uvita:

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About Honest Green Jeans:

Why blog? Why now?

In early 2012 I realized the life path I was on wasn’t one which would lead to true, honest fulfillment – I had a great friend group, a secure job in my degree field, a wonderful tight-knit family, and three pets who called me “mom” using the sweetest pet eyes possible (in my opinion, of course). But, something was missing — what was it? I knew pretty quickly this was a question that wouldn’t (and won’t) be easy to answer, but it was one that required my whole attention and effort if I really wanted to know.

As I started piecing together bits that might fit into the ideal life, I realized there were so many things I needed to learn, to do, and to exercise. I needed hands-on practice if I was going to change my habits, my attitudes, and my thoughts… If I was going to change ME into the best version of ME that could exist I needed to spend some long, hard hours working on myself.

So, late November, 2012, I quit my job, donated nearly half of my belongings, and found temporary homes for my pets. I was going on a soul-searching journey in Central America, and then, unless plans should change along the way, I’d attempt a purposeful restart in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m inviting you on this journey with me. I’ll share the practical knowledge I’m gaining, the lessons I’m learning about living in this too-much/too-fast/too-everything world, and I’ll seek your input and insights along the way.

Let’s be honest, wear our favorite green jeans, and figure this all out. And laugh, and smile, and cry a bit if need be. Together.

Post photos are owned by the featured author (not the Costa Rica Blog Network). Please contact the featured author directly for permission of use.

Pura vida!


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