Fundraising to Volunteer in Costa Rica

costa rica expertA note from the Publisher: The Costa Rica Blog Network has chosen to feature the following article for the purpose of fundraising for English-teaching volunteer projects, where “The people at these projects come from low income families and cannot afford to study English at a private institute.” Thanks to Saadia for submitting her personal account to us. We hope you make the trip you long to take with the global volunteer network and that the good you aim to give rewards you with love and humility in return. Pura vida!

Featured Author: Saadia S. Shamsie (visit the The Opinionated Wanderlust Blog)

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, volunteering has always been an important part of my life. While I engage regularly in volunteering activities locally, I make it a point to go on one volunteer trip every couple of years to make a difference in someone’s life who I would otherwise never have a chance to meet. This year, I have an amazing opportunity to teach English to those in financial hardships and cannot afford to learn English in Costa Rica with Global Volunteer Network, a non-profit organization committed to “connecting people with communities in need”. I am extremely thrilled and grateful for such an opportunity.

What Will I Be Doing?

photo courtesy of Global Volunteer Network
photo courtesy of Global Volunteer Network

Volunteers are placed at one of Global Volunteer Network’s teaching English projects, situated in impoverished housing areas. Teaching usually takes place in a small community centre or church within the housing area. The people at these projects come from low income families and cannot afford to study English at a private institute. These projects focus primarily on children of all ages who come to learn English, participate in games and cultural activities. Volunteers therefore partake in teaching English as well as providing support for all activities. Volunteers do not necessarily teach in front of large classrooms or in formal classroom settings and often teaching is done in one-on-one formats, or a small group which is great for building relationships with the learners.

To find out more, click here.

Why am I Fundraising?

As with most volunteer trips, a program fee is required. I am committed to raising $1397 (program fee only, excluding airfare, travel insurance, & personal expenses) over the next 9 months.

I have always been a firm believer that no amount goes unnoticed and every $1 makes a difference. If you’re interested in contributing, it would mean the world to me. If not, that’s OK too – just sharing this post with others is just as valuable. =o)

To contribute, please click on the link below to donate using paypal. If you would like to use other payment methods (check or cash), that can be arranged as well.

Global Volunteer Network does not have an internal fundraising web page of their own, therefore, 100% of the money raised will go towards the program fee.

Click here to read the above post on the The Opinionated Wanderlust Blog

About Saadia S. Shamsie:

Hand me a book & put me on a plane to ANYWHERE — I’m the happiest girl in the world! Keep me in one place for too long — I become obnoxiously restless!

Post photos are owned by the featured author (not the Costa Rica Blog Network). Please contact the featured author directly for permission of use.

Pura vida!


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