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When you travel, what do you trust more: biased propaganda or honest reviews? We know “word of mouth” advertising speaks volumes, as do non-photo-shopped pictures of firsthand experiences. For this reason, travel blogs and online travel forums (more than hotel, tour operator, transportation service provider, and vacation package agency websites) have become necessary “go-to” trip planning resources, especially those aimed at helping travellers plan a trip to Costa Rica. Here, opinions run rampant and corporate competition is fierce, but don’t panic. We’ve created a space where you can turn to for help wherein content is offered by non-partisans; a place where those who have been to Costa Rica have shared their words of wisdom for the purpose of benefiting others, or, through the processes of catharsis and self-reflection, with an end goal of bettering themselves.

Before you ask, let us answer your question. No, featured authors on the Costa Rica Blog Network do not receive monetary compensation for their guest post submissions. If they did, perhaps they would be tempted to create additional content–perhaps slanted or swayed content–for financial gain. We didn’t want to take that chance, so rest assured that all of the guest posts published on this website were written and shared as a result of the author’s own interest in and passion for educating others on the topic at hand.

When it comes to Costa Rica, we know what you want and need; in fact, you told us what you wanted, and we fulfilled your need. You said you wanted to save money on your Costa Rica vacation, so we created Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated–our online business that allows travellers to access 100% free discounts and cash back savings for Costa Rica day tours. You said you wanted helpful advice, so we created the Costa Rica Travel Blog–the current traveller, will-be traveller, has-been traveller, and should-be traveller’s guide to everything Costa Rica. You said you wanted our very best recommendations, so we created DIY Costa Rica–a ‘best of’ content portfolio documenting firsthand Costa Rica travel experience, tips, photos, and recommendations for “do it yourself” vacation planners. You said you wanted knowledgeable information from impartial points of view, so we created the Costa Rica Blog Network–an online community where bloggers, travellers, and travel writers share their love of ‘pura vida’.

So here you are, curious about Costa Rica and ready to learn. Why not start with a list of all of our network’s published posts. If you are looking for the work of someone in particular, feel free to browse through our list of featured authors or learn more about our network’s publisher. When you have planned and executed the perfect trip, don’t forget to come back and submit a guest post of your own to us so you and your travel experience can pay it forward.

Pura vida!


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